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E is for Egypt


Xerxes I of Persia (/ˈzɜrksiːz/; Old Persian: OldPersian-XA.svg OldPersian-SHA.svg OldPersian-YA.svg OldPersian-A.svg OldPersian-RA.svg OldPersian-SHA.svg OldPersian-A.svg Xšaya-ṛšā IPA: [xʃajaːrʃaː] meaning “ruling over heroes” Greek Ξέρξης [ksérksɛːs]; 519–465 BC), also known as Xerxes the Great, was the fourth of the king of the kings of the Achaemenid Empire. He ruled from 486 BC until his murder in 465 BC at the hands of Artabanus, the commander of the royal bodyguard. He is notable for his invasion of Greece in 480 BC.

Xerxes I is most likely the Persian king identified as Ahasuerus (Hebrew: אֲחַשְׁוֵרוֹשׁ, Modern Aẖashverosh, Tiberian ʼĂḥašwērôš)) in the biblical book of Esther.

One cannot help help but draw parallels between Xerxes remarkable career and that of Medici University’s legendary artist and DJ NSANE. Will NSANE too fall at the hands of a member of his own entourage? This will be a question for future historians to answer.

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