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Syllabus Class Notes Life Drawing Videos

Back in the day you really had to attend an art school if you wanted to practice life drawing. Or hire your own life models. But lucky us, living in the age of Internet tools like YouTube, now the life drawing class comes to us!

If you just want to draw for 2 hours on Sundays, that’s plenty! You don’t need to do any “homework.” But if you do want to improve your life drawing, of course, practice is everything. You can use these and other videos to draw from.

About Life Drawing

Technical Dave breaks it down for us:

Gesture Drawing – How

Here’s a couple of different ways of approaching the ubiquitous Gesture Drawing:

Gesture Drawing – Poses

2 great online resources are New Master’s Academy & Croquis Cafe. The both have hundreds of life drawing sessions for you. Typically they break down into 1, 2, and 5 minute poses in each video. Here’s a couple of videos from each. You’ll find many more if you follow their links.

New Master’s Academy

Croquis Cafe

Here’s another great resource: Croquis Cafe. This video is similar to New Master’s Academy with a couple of differences. Sometimes Croquis Cafe starts with a quick drawing lesson, in this case, on drawing feet. And where NMA does a 2 minute pose by putting a photo of a life model up for 2 minutes, CC does a 2 minute pose by having a life model actually pose for 2 minutes. In a way this shouldn’t matter. Perhaps the photograph is even better since it’s clear and sharp and free of any distraction of tiny wobbles or breathing of the model. Or you might like the “real” life model and the feeling of actually being in the drawing studio. It might make your “at home” drawing class feel a bit more immersive.

Here’s the practice session featuring feet that Larry Withers talked about:

ScreenCap of a life drawing video

Syllabus Class Notes Life Drawing Videos

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