Kinesiology 88: Treadmill Dance Aerobics

Treadmill Dance Aerobics
At Medici University learners work hard to create world-changing Art & Culture. But we also play hard. In K88 your provost, and personal trainer Izzy de’M will lead you in a total pixel dance & Zumba workout on a treadmill. It’s the perfect way to jump-start your weekend!

Treadmill Dance Aerobics

Kinesiology 88 is a semester-long course where MU Learners can balance all their art & culture creativity with some kickass moved on the dance treadmill. All skill levels welcome. You do not need to attend every Friday. Come when you can.

Put on some comfortable shoes & loose-fit clothing and take a break from all that creativity. Let your flexi-hair down and shake those polygons with your personal trainer Izzy de’M!

Kinesiology 88

Facilitator: Izzy de’M
Format: F2F!
Length: All Semester – attend once, or every week
Meeting Times: 7-8pm SLT Fridays
Location: Izzy’s Gym – Camilla:5
Enrollment: to enroll, just add your name in the comments below

When you enroll, please add
• Your Studio#
• A URL to see your work (optional)

Treadmill Dance Aerobics

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