Class of ’15

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Archaeological photograph

Hatshepsut College

School of Creative Writing

Director: Scarlett Luv

Blogging Department

Oral History Project

School of Architecture & Urban Planning

  • Mandi Beth, Tullia:10

Rosedale School of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

  • deFaye, Maria 12

Philosophy Department

  • Isadora Alaya, Nostradamus:27
  • Newton, Nostradamus:9
  • Rinzler Riot, Nostradamus:28

Felicia Day School of Management

Study Abroad Program

Some of our fine MU students are off campus this semester, proudly representing MU in our student exchange program!

  • deFaye, UNSW
  • Fiona Blaylock, ETH Zurich

Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick College

Art Department

General Art

  • NSANE Darkfold, Nostradamus:2

Interdisciplinary Art

  • Amber Grantham, Maria:16
  • Artwolf Eternal, Nostradamus:11
  • Elle Thorkveld, Tullia:14
  • Pearl Gray, Vashti:4
  • Zsophia Innovia, Maria:3

Painting & Drawing Program

The Comic Spirit

  • Fiona Blaylock, studying abroad this semester

Illustration Program

  • Paula Cloudpainter, Nostradamus:29

Fiber & Book Arts Program

Cindy Sherman School of Photography

Kevin McCloud School of Design

Interior Design Program

Fashion Design Program

  • Angellic Kisses, Tullia:8

Museum Studies Program

  • Dai Oanomochi, Nostradamus:24:25:26
  • Motorato Ware, Nostradamus:5:6:7

Swartz School of Activism

Bieber Conservatory of Music

  • Alexandre Lois, Tullia:3
  • Thomas Maybe, Camilla:17
  • Ze Moo, Vashti:1

Beyoncé School of Dance

  • Harmony Sandalphon, Aurelia:7

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono College

School of World Design

  • Elyen Zlatkes, Nostradamus:16
  • Jade Ravenheart, Vashti:3
  • Natsu, Nostradamus:30
  • Thor Chantilly, Aurelia:3

Media Archaeology Studies

Hirst Research Institute

Luther Blissett Center for Intermedia

School of Public Art

Bia Medici


Student Life

Campus Services

University Press

Campus Facilities

Food Court

  • Bacon Barista, coffee & baked goods, GM: Scarlett-Luv Star, Maria:6
  • Bridge Brewing Co., GM: Thomas Maybe, Camilla:11, Maria:11
  • Here Comes the Sun (Ice Cream, Coffee & Espresso) GM: Lemonodo Oh, Camilla:9

Health & Wellness

  • Broke Brain Clinic, GM: Scarlett Luv, Maria:1
  • MU Avatar Fertility & Surrogacy Clinic, Nostradamus:8:23
  • Petopolis (Pet Day Care & Vet) GM: TBD, Nostradamus:14:17
  • Silk Bamboo Health, Camilla:14

Dance & Recreation

  • Izzy’s Gym, Aerobic Dance & Fitness, GM: Isabella Medici, Camilla:5
  • KATYPERRYOPOLIS! Danceteria, GM: Amber Grantham, Tullia:5
  • Tai Chi Dojo, Masters: Serra, Pearl & Io, Vashti:2

Medici University student with the Coliseum in Rome behind her

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