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Medici University students dancing on the giant glass dance floor suspended over the 64-meter Katy Perry face in the Bia District of Medici University



KATYPERRYOPOLIS! is the University Student Union for Medici University. It’s the creative hub where students come for fun, for recreation, and for intellectual debate on the ideas of the day.


During the early days of the university campus (January ’15) construction crews made an unexpected discovery of vast archaeological significance. While excavating in the SE corner of the current Medici University campus, a giant, 64-meter Katy Perry head was discovered in the soft limestone of the Bia Shoal. Thus far, all known dating techniques have failed to determine a date for this perplexing object. MU scientists are convinced that the massive sculpture was deliberately buried. As you are no doubt aware, in 2015, Katy Perry is the most popular human being alive, however the discovery that Katy Perry-fulness might extend deep into the consciousness of prehistory is an entirely unexpected revelation.

Present Day

In a brilliant scheme to preserve, present, and monetize this semi-natural wonder, the MU Department of Historic Preservation, in conjunction with students from MU’s Bieber Conservatory of Music, has erected a glass dance floor above the giant Katy Perry face in the Bia District of the MU campus, and installed state-of-the-art computer controlled lighting and sound systems.

KATYPERRYOPOLIS! the place is now the newest danceteria on the grid!

KATYPERRYOPOLIS! the website is now the home for student affairs. It is your index, your “facebook,” of students at Medici University.

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